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 Eastern Towhee by Sharlene Allen 

Bird Research at Audubon

At Audubon, we understand that birds and habitats are inextricably linked. Our mission has always been to protect birds, other wildlife and the habitats that they rely on. We believe that a healthy landscape is one that is teeming with life.

Unfortunately, climate change, habitat loss and a multitude of other factors are making the job of breeding, migrating and wintering increasingly difficult for our feathered friends. That is why we have spearheaded a new initiative to collect scientific data and better understand the health of our properties across the state. We have instituted a new scientific research program, led by Dr. Charles Clarkson, our new Director of Avian Research, to usher in a new era for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

We will focus on the collection of robust data that will enable us to establish a baseline across the Audubon refuge complex, we will form cooperative relationships on the regional scale to ensure that what we do in Rhode Island benefits birds throughout New England, and we will institute monitoring programs to continue data collection for decades to come.  We are dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources, particularly our birds.

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Do you have extra field guides on your shelves? Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Ocean State Bird Club, and Wild Birds Unlimited are partnering again – this time to collect gently used field guides for underserved youth in Rhode Island! Find a drop-off location.

Analysis of Acoustic Recording Unit data has commenced. A great deal of information is now available on our migrating and breeding birds.

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