Rhode Island Plastic Waste Reduction Act

Help us pass the statewide plastic bag ban!

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The statewide plastic bag ban bill has been amended and is now a strong bill that Audubon can support.

The amended bill defines re-usable bags as: (4) "Reusable bag" means a bag with handles which are stitched and that is specifically designed and manufactured for one hundred twenty-five (125) or more reuses, and is made primarily of washable cloth, other durable woven or nonwoven fabric, polyester, polypropylene, or other durable plastic with a minimum thickness of four (4.0) mils.

This definition is consistent with the reusable bag definition in use in the 14 cities and towns with existing, effective bag bans. It will not allow thick plastic bags to replace the thin plastic bags we are eliminating.

The amended bill passed out of the Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture last night (May 29) and we need your help to keep the momentum building so it can pass.

Here are 4 things you can do to help move this bill ahead:

  • Call or email Senate President Ruggerio and thank him for amending the bill and express your strong support for passage on the Senate floor.
    (401) 222-6655,

  • Call or email your Senator and express your support for the bill and ask them to vote for the bill on the Senate Floor.
  • Call or email House Speaker Mattiello and urge him to bring the amended Senate bill to the House.
    (401) 222-2466.
  • Call or email your Representative and express your support for the amended Senate bag bill.

Thank you for your help! Thank you! If you'd like more information on this issue, please contact Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr.

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