The State of Our Birds

The current status and suggested conservation actions for birds on Audubon Society of Rhode Island wildlife refuges

Over one-third of the birds breeding on Audubon Refuges are experiencing long-term population declines. Armed with the knowledge from these reports, Audubon will begin a monitoring and management scheme to reverse the declining trends in our birds, through the Audubon Avian Research Initiative.

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Part 1: Breeding and Overwintering

Released January 2023 at our first Birds Across New England Regional Conservation Symposium. Click here to watch Dr. Charles Clarkson introduce the report!

Part 2: Migrating

Coming May 2023


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The State of Our Birds would never have been possible without the tremendous support from members, volunteers and generous donations. Moving forward, we will need more volunteers, more information and more resources to help our birds.

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The Audubon Avian Research Initiative
A three-step management plan to mitigate local decline and contribute to regional population growth.

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