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The Audubon Common Raven Cam

The Raven Cam is currently down! We apologize for this and hope to be back online soon.

About Audubon's Common Raven

Zach the Common Raven is one of Audubon avian educational Ambassadors. Each day, these birds inspire an appreciation of nature in people of all ages, whether through an educational program for school children or here on the internet via the live video stream! They have limited flight capability due to injuries that occurred when they were young and cannot be released into the wild.

We hope you enjoy watching Zach. From playing in the snow to imitating Barred Owls and Wild Turkeys, this intelligent bird is constantly surprising Audubon with his antics. We welcome you to stop by Audubon's Nature Center and Aquarium, in Bristol, RI to watch him in person, take a stroll down nature trails and the boardwalk to Narragansett Bay, and explore the aquarium and rotating art exhibits!

Meet Zachariah, aka "Zach"

Raven Fun Facts

  • The Common Raven is an acrobatic flier, often doing rolls and somersaults in the air. One bird was seen flying upside down for more than a half-mile. Young birds are fond of playing games with sticks, repeatedly dropping them, then diving to catch them in midair.
  • Common Ravens are smart, which makes them dangerous predators. They sometimes work in pairs to raid seabird colonies, with one bird distracting an incubating adult and the other waiting to grab an egg or chick as soon as it’s uncovered. They have been seen waiting in trees as ewes give birth, then attacking the newborn lambs. A study in Wyoming discovered that during hunting season, the sound of a gunshot draws ravens in to investigate a presumed carcass, whereas the birds ignore sounds that are just as loud but harmless, such as an air-horn or a car door slamming.