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Audubon's Avian Ambassadors

For many decades, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island has dedicated both staff and resources to caring for raptors. Although Audubon is not licensed to rehabilitate wildlife, we work with rehabilitators across the Northeast to provide forever homes for previously injured birds. These avian ambassadors would not be able to survive if they were released back into the wild.

Audubon birds are provided with species-specific diets, training and enrichment. They live in custom aviaries that are designed in accordance with federal regulations. Audubon’s raptor handlers are trained and experienced in the care of birds of prey, and are extremely passionate about their work and the birds they care for.

We welcome you to attend an Audubon Nature Program, where our Avian Ambassadors sometimes make appearances. Common Raven Zach is currently on exhibit for public viewing at the Nature Center and Aquarium in Bristol. Due to permitting restrictions, all other birds live in private areas and are not available for public visits or viewings.


Audubon’s avian ambassadors inspire an appreciation of nature in people of all ages. Each bird we care for is unique - as are the injuries that have prevented their return to the wild. The staff expertise, diets and special care that Audubon provides for these previously injured birds costs thousands of dollars each year.

Through the Sponsor-a-Raptor program, YOU can help care for Audubon’s birds. You are providing food, housing and veterinary care. Your support allows our avian ambassadors to accompany Audubon educators on hundreds of visits to schools, community centers, assisted living homes and libraries each year. Your gift not only provides care for these special birds, it also supports our mission to connect people with nature.

There are three great ways to support these amazing birds:


Raptor Encounters

Audubon Raptor Encounters are awe-inspiring events for all ages. Owls, hawks and falcons with razor-sharp talons and extraordinary adaptations fascinate both children and adults alike. In addition to close-up visits from feathered friends, participants learn about raptor behaviors, predators, prey and habitats. Audubon brings three live birds of prey to your school, library or event for a unique educational experience.

  • 1 hour, 300 people max - $300
  • A large space such as a cafeteria, gym or auditorium is required
  • Grades K – Adult
  • Due to program scheduling and out of respect for each bird’s unique needs, fulfilling a request for a specific bird cannot be guaranteed.

Click on the photo of each Ambassador to learn more!

  • May 2019 - 2020

  • May 2019 - 2020