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Taking Root: Nature-Based Learning for All

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island believes everyone should have access to nature. Working with Rhode Island schools and organizations with populations of students with special needs, Audubon educators have developed accessible nature-based programming that is inclusive to all learners. Both indoor programs and outdoor explorations are offered that may be easily adapted to the needs of your students. Scholarship funds are available to cover program and/or transportation costs.

Audubon strives to continually improve and grow these programs so that all students receive a positive experience with nature. We appreciate any feedback that teachers can provide to help us to strengthen our programs and enhance our materials and spaces.

Download and share the Taking Root flyer, or explore our offerings below.

Audubon Educator Lisa shows a bird nest to Groden Center Students

In-School Interactive Program

How Animals are Alike and Different

Program includes:

  • Hands-on materials and biofacts (ex. fur, feathers, bones) to see and touch.
  • Sensory activities appropriate for your students.
  • A visit from one of Audubon’s live animal ambassadors.

Fee: $160 for a one-hour experience.*


Field Trip Experience

Discovering Nature Through the Seasons

Program may include:

  • Outdoor exploration at an Audubon wildlife refuge, local park near your school, or in your schoolyard.
  • Nature walk to look for signs of the season.
  • A search for critters under logs, leaves, & rocks.
  • The opportunity to compare and contrast different habitats such as field, forest, pond, stream, and bay.

Fee: $10/person for a one-hour experience, $12/person for a two-hour experience. No cost for teachers and chaperones.*

* Scholarship funds are available to cover program and/or transportation costs.

What we ask from you:

1.  A meeting or phone call with teacher(s) before the program to discuss:

  • Ways we can help prepare your students for the program.
  • Specific things you would like us to keep in mind as we plan what materials to use and where we will go during the program.
  • Any supports that are helpful for your students to have during the program to help them succeed.

2.  Support during the program to make your students feel comfortable.

3.  Specific feedback after the program on how we can make changes and improvements to best serve this population of students.

We look forward to working with you! Contact Audubon Educator Kate Swain at for more info and to register for a program.

Audubon Educator Kate Swain on the trail with Cumberland High Schools Students