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Summer Outreach Programming

Audubon offers a range of environmental education programs for camps, libraries, day care, community centers, and other summer settings. Experienced Audubon educators can bring nature discovery, science, live animals, and tons of fun to your site for summer enrichment.

Explore the offerings below, or click here to download a printable guide. To book, or for questions/concerns, please contact Michelle Solis, Audubon Program Registrar at or 401-245-7500 x3014.

Nature Stories

Programs for young children include a story, activities and a live animal. Just select a topic and Audubon will do the rest! Easily done in an outdoor space, as well as inside.

  • Toddlers: 20 minutes, 15 children maximum, $65 for one program, $50 each additional program on the same day.
  • Pre-K to Grade 2: 30 minutes, 20 children maximum, $80 for one program, $65 each additional program on the same day.

Story Topics:  Pollinators | Seeds | Habitats | Insects | Owls | Snakes | Turtles | Frogs | Dinosaurs | Rocks | Seasons | Plants & Gardens

Summer Science Programs

Audubon’s one-hour science investigations are interactive, hands-on programs featuring life science topics. These programs may correlate with themes that students study in science class, but the activities are modified to engage 20 to 30 students in a summer setting. Many of these programs include a live animal presentation.

  • Fee: $150 per one-hour program.
  • Weekdays only, between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.
  • For summer settings serving a range of ages, we recommend offering separate programs to ensure developmentally age-appropriate activities: 5–7 years, 8–10 years, 11–13 years.

Seven WILD Themes:

  • Who's Eating Who?
  • How Animals Grow Up
  • Animal Senses
  • Bird Basics
  • Nighttime Hunters
  • Sharks and Whales
  • Outdoor Exploration: Birds, Insects, Pollinators, or Plants & Trees – Choose a theme and get outside at your site!