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The Audubon Schoolyard Habitat Resource Guide

Nature has always provided an engaging classroom for children. Students unplug from screens and technology, get their hands dirty, use their senses in learning, and discover first-hand the amazing and inter-connected world of insects, birds, animals and plants. Wild spaces also provide opportunities for exercise, fresh air and a connection to nature that is so valuable for physical and mental health. Across the country, educators are embracing schoolyard habitats to enhance student learning.

The Guides

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (Service) have collaborated to bring resources to teachers, parents and after-school providers that promote and support the development of schoolyard habitats and outdoor learning in Rhode Island.

About Schoolyard Habitats

Image: At the Community School in Cumberland, RI, students and volunteers work in the schoolyard's raised garden beds. In the foreground, tree stumps used for seating during outdoor learning sit in a circle.