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 Eastern Towhee by Sharlene Allen 

Avian Research Initiative at Audubon

At Audubon, we understand that birds and habitats are inextricably linked. Our mission has always been to protect birds, other wildlife and the habitats that they rely on. We believe that a healthy landscape is one that is teeming with life.

Unfortunately, climate change, habitat loss and a multitude of other factors are making the job of breeding, migrating and wintering increasingly difficult for our feathered friends. That is why we have spearheaded a new initiative to collect scientific data and better understand the health of our properties across the state. In 2022, we instituted a scientific research program, led by Dr. Charles Clarkson, Director of Avian Research, to usher in a new era for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

A three-step management plan to mitigate local decline and contribute to regional population growth:

Let's work together and give birds a chance.

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Birds Across New England: The Audubon Regional Conservation Symposium

The premise of this symposium is simple: the more you know, the more you can do to help our birds. Our first symposium held on January 28, 2023, provided attendees with information on what is being done to save our birds and what obstacles stand in the way of conservation success.

The Avian Research Initiative Blog

In this Issue: The Release of “The State of Our Birds, Part 2”; Responsibility Bird Monitoring; Neonicotinoid Analysis, MOTUS Tower Installation Click here to subscribe to the Audubon bird research email newsletter!

The Audubon “State of Our Birds Report Part II” begins to pull together the information needed to better understand when birds move across Audubon wildlife refuges, what they need to fuel their journeys, and how Audubon can best manage protected properties to bring their populations back.

From the start, the decline in the bird population (revealed from multiple international studies) was a given. From there, the Audubon initiative was launched as a fact-finding mission, to go in and find out more about how the Audubon Society of Rhode Island could help species in decline.