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Your Municipality, Your Home

How to get involved with solar siting in your city or town:
  1. Stay informed. Learn about the proposed project and familiarize yourself with your municipality’s ordinance, if available. Follow Alex Kuffner’s reporting on Rhode Island environmental issues in the Providence Journal.

  2. Contact your city planner. If your city or town has no planner, contact people on the planning board.

  3. Attend a public meeting relating to the project.
  4. Contact a non-profit that can advocate for your issue. Audubon’s Senior Director of Government Affairs Priscilla De La Cruz is available at
  5. Contact state officials who are knowledgeable about municipal policies:
    Nancy Hess --
    Chris Kearns --
  6. Become active on statewide issues, including the development of a model ordinance. A schedule of public meetings is available. Keep tabs on state legislation about renewable energy.  

For more information about getting involved, contact Audubon’s Senior Director of Government Affairs, Priscilla De La Cruz at

Get Inspired

Communities around the country are thinking of how to integrate solar into the community planning process. A great example is Scenic Hudson's Renewables Siting Guide.

How to add solar to your home and business:

If you’re interested in adding solar panels to your rooftop, visit the Office of Energy Resources webpage to learn if it’s right for your home or business.