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Waterfowl Banding in Jamestown at Marsh Meadows 

You may have noticed a new structure recently built in the Audubon Society of Rhode Island Marsh Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Jamestown. This camouflaged bird blind is being used by scientists from the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) for the banding of ducks in the area, not for hunting. Audubon prohibits hunting on all of their conservation properties. 

The camouflaged structure allows scientists to observe the waterfowl closely and complete the banding without disturbing other ducks and wildlife. It will be removed from the marsh when the banding period is complete.  

Bird banding is an important tool that allows scientists to study and track bird populations in order to develop conservation and management plans. The process does not harm birds, and Audubon supports this work to assist in the conservation of our waterfowl.

Learn More about this project through RIDEM's Facebook Post and their Winter 2023 Wild Issue.