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Make it a Little Easier...

Provide Nesting Materials for the Birds

Hummingbird nest building
Many songbirds are construction experts, intricately weaving twigs, leaves, grass, and moss into sturdy nests. Even inside those birdhouses, nests will be built. Leaving nesting materials in your yard will attract birds and give them a helping hand during a time when they expand a huge amount of energy. Consider stuffing fabric strips, yarn, dog hair, and grass into a suet feeder, giving birds an array of materials to choose from.

TWIGS When small branches or twigs fall from a shrub or tree, leave them for the birds, preferably in lengths under 4 inches.

FLUFF Some birds use fluffy material such as seeds with silky attachments. Milkweed is a good choice - and it also attracts monarch butterflies. Please do NOT use dryer lint as it may contain chemicals.

MUD In that pesky spot in your yard that refuses to grow anything, add a little water. Mud is a favored nesting materials for swallows and robins.
DRY GRASS When you trim your landscaping, leave dried grass stems cut 2 to 4 inches long.

MOSS If you have a shady spot in your yard, let the moss grow! It is a favored building material of some hummingbird species.

DOG HAIR Is your pup shedding in spring? After brushing, leave dog hair for the birds.

STRIPS OF CLOTH, STRING AND YARN Put strips (less than 6 inches in length) where birds will find them.