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Legislation Audubon Supports

H 8138
House resolution respectfully requesting the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to continue collaborating with the Pollinator Working Group established to make findings and recommendations with regard to maintaining, protecting and enhancing pollinator habitat and health in Rhode Island.

S 2188 | H 7400
Energize Rhode Island: Clean Energy Investment and Carbon Pricing Act of 2018
An act relating to health and safety.
Establishes a fee on companies that sell fossil fuels in Rhode Island and also establishes a receipt account to disburse the funds from.

S 2116 | H 7250
The Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration Activities Control Act
An act relating to waters and navigation.
Regulates activities of offshore drilling for oil and gas in federal waters to minimize adverse effects resulting therefrom within the state's territorial waters and coastline.

S 2360 |H 7179
Senate/House resolution expressing opposition to President Donald J. Trump's decision to allow offshore drilling in most of america’s coastal waters.

H 7793
The Rhode Island Energy Resources Act
An act relating to state affairs and government.
Requires, by July 1, 2019, the establishment of renewable energy siting ordinances in all cities and towns which would meet the standards set by a working group within the office of energy resources.
Note: Audubon supports this as a "placeholder bill". We are currently working on amendments.

H 7827
Rhode Island Global Warming Solutions Act
An act relating to state affairs and government.
Establishes the Rhode Island global warming solutions act to reduce carbon emissions across various sectors of the local economy.

S 2354 | H 7851
Plastic Waste Reduction Act
An act relating to health and safety.
Prohibits large retail establishments from providing plastic checkout bags/all retail establishments providing polystyrene food containers with enforcement by municipalities with opt out election effective January 1, 2021.

S 2239 | H 7102
Rhode Island Municipal Infrastructure Grant Program
An act relating to state affairs and government.
Creates a municipal infrastructure grant program within the Department of Administration relating to municipal and other public infrastructure projects.

S 2682 | H 7383
Trespass and Actions for Possession
An act relating to property
Provides that a cause of action may be brought for encroachment upon open space land.

Legislation Audubon Opposes

H 8020 | S 2652
Net Metering
An act relating to public utilities and carriers.
Expands the definition of eligible net metering resources by including "eligible biomass fuels" as defined in § 39-26-2(6).

H 8141
Rhode Island Forest Conservation Act
An act relating to agriculture and forestry.
Establishes the Rhode Island Forest Conservation Act which prohibits any state economic and other incentives to develop or convert forest land for renewable energy uses.

H 8123 | S 2838
The Municipal Water Supply Systems Transactions Act
An act relating to waters and navigation.
Allows municipal water supply system and any regional water quality management district commission to enter into an agreement called a "transaction" effectively merging the entities and becoming a public utility.

S 2803
An act relating to waters and navigation - Narragansett Bay Commission
Authorizes the Narragansett Bay Commission to enter into agreements with various entities for the acquisition, merger or consolidation of water treatment facilities.

H 7524
Public use of Private Lands - Liability Limitations
An act relating to parks and recreational areas.
Changes the definition of "owner" to exclude the state and municipalities for the purposes of liability limitations relating to public use of private lands.

H 7425
An act relating to the Smithfield Land Trust.
Disbands the Smithfield Land Trust and transfers all function and real estate held by the Smithfield Land Trust to the town of Smithfield and Smithfield Town Council.

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