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Run Wild for Nature Audubon Society of Rhode Island Virtual 5K Run/Walk

Audubon Society of Rhode Island's 5k Run/Walk is virtual: you choose the "where" & "when" anytime during May 25 - June 1, 2024!


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RUN WILD for the places you love! The money raised during Audubon's Run Wild For Nature Virtual 5k Run/Walk directly benefits Audubon's refuges and the birds and wildlife that call these places home.


Take your impact to the next level by becoming a Run Wild Ambassador! You can give back to birds by creating a Run Wild fundraiser. We call this peer-to-peer fundraising; it will allow you to reach out to friends, family and colleagues so we can secure bird and wildlife homes together. Anyone can be a Run Wild Ambassador; you do not need to participate in the virtual 5K event to do so.

Become a Run Wild Ambassador: Start a Fundraiser →


There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Help us raise awareness about the importance of Audubon Wildlife Refuges and other wildlife habitats by stepping up your Run Wild game.

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