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Advocacy at Audubon

Welcome to the Advocacy Page of The Audubon Society of Rhode Island. We are excited to share updates on our 2024 legislative and local priorities with you.

Through grassroots and direct advocacy, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island promotes public policies and initiatives that protect birds, other wildlife, and natural resources. Audubon organizes people into campaigns and coalitions to build a strong and respected environmental movement in Rhode Island and to increase the environmental literacy of elected officials and policymakers.

The challenges affecting today’s environment are on the rise as we face the climate crisis and new threats to our valuable natural resources. To remain a strong independent voice for nature, the support of Audubon volunteers, members, donors, and fellow community members is crucial.

Current Advocacy Priorities

We developed these priorities by engaging local advocates, other organizations, and our expert scientists, such as Audubon director of Avian Research Dr. Charles Clarkson and Senior Director of Conservation Dr. Scott Ruhren.

We encourage you to Take Action on each and every one of these pieces of legislation and local priorities.

If you are an elected official or member of the press and would like to learn more, please contact Director of Advocacy Phoenix Wheeler (they/them) at

2024 Legislative Wrap-Up & Top Priority Updates

480 Petition signatures collected to support a ban on Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides;  $13 Million Restored to the Green Bond for land and farm conservation.;  80+ Emails sent to legislators to support the Building Decarbonization Act.;  77A

Local Priorities

Stormwater Utility
Stormwater Utilities is an important way to help mitigate the impacts of stormwater on local communities. Audubon Society of Rhode Island is working with municipalities across Rhode Island to support this important tool.

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Visit our Take Action page to learn about how YOU can elevate a local priority in your community.

Coalition Priorities

Latest Audubon Advocacy News

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Rhode Island businesses are no longer permitted to sell pesticides containing neonicotinoids to untrained users. You can continue to support pollinators by holding accountable local businesses that sell landscaping products.

We are asking the General Assembly to add $16 Million to the Green Bond to ensure that we can continue to protect farmland, open spaces, and forests in Rhode Island! Please show your support by submitting written testimony and coming to the State House next Wednesday, March 6th at 4 pm!
RSVP for the hearing:
Guidance for writing and submitting Testimony:

Each year in the United States, as many as 1 billion birds die from flying into windows. Help us understand which birds are dying & and where: monitor & report window strike deaths to the Audubon Society of RI this spring.

In 2023, RI’s General Assembly passed the state’s first-ever solar siting legislation. As we head into the 2024 legislative session, see what Audubon has been up to and how you can get involved with forest protection this year.