The national media brought sobering news today about the steep decline of birds in North America. What may seem obvious to those of us who care about birds is finally making headlines. You may find this news discouraging, but it is an urgent wake-up call. Our work is more important than ever.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is conducting an online survey to gather public input on issues related to state forests. Feedback will be used to inform the Rhode Island 2020 State Forest Action Plan (SFAP) and develop strategies to conserve working forest landscapes, protect forests from harm, and enhance public benefits from trees and forests. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey to benefit our state's forest:

Legislative Recap: Audubon Advocacy in the 2019 Session | While we did hold off some bad bills, none of Audubon’s priority bills were passed. The Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) decided to deny a permit to the Invenergy power plant in Burrillville and the legislative session ended a few days after this exciting decision.

For wildlife. For pollinators. For the environment. | People are often reluctant to change manicured green spaces into wild spaces but filling the built environment with rain gardens and pollinator meadows will help us create more resilient communities and supports wildlife and pollinator.

An editorial by Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy | Our forests provide innumerable services to humans and wildlife. Maintaining woodlands in rural areas of the state and promoting tree planting in suburban and urban neighborhoods is part of the climate change solution.

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay and there are two "bad" plastics bills passing through the State House today, June 5th and tomorrow June 6th.

Forests protect the water quality in local aquifers and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. They provide vital habitat, cool the environment, reduce soil erosion and provide a stress-free place for rest, recreation and rejuvenation. Audubon wants see forests in the language of the law, because when natural resources are referenced in RI laws, forests are absent, as if they don’t even exist.

The statewide plastic bag ban bill has been amended and is now a strong bill that Audubon can support.
Update: The Rhode Island Senate will be voting on the RI Plastic Waste Reduction Act Thursday, June 6th at 4:00pm. Come out to show your support for this bill! Call or email your Senator and Senate President Ruggerio to express your support for the bill and ask them to vote for the bill on the Senate Floor.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem for wildlife. We need your help to ensure the legislature passes an effective plastic bag ban this year. Contact your RI elected officials and ask for amendments to strengthen the Rhode Island Plastic Waste Reduction Act!

Turns out, even the smallest steps can have an impact. This Earth Day, consider your ecological footprint and enact these seven green ways to embrace today.

Representative Lauren Carson and Senator Dawn Euer invite you to join them in celebration of trees and their essential role in Rhode Island’s ecology on May 9th at the Rhode Island State House.

"Proposed R.I. solar farms endangering rural forests, environmentalists say" - an article by Alex Kuffner of the Providence Journal

Audubon supports the Woodland Preservation and Stewardship Act of 2019, introduced by Rhode Island Representative Arthur Handy (District 18) and developed in partnership with Audubon. This bill recognizes and protects Rhode Island’s essential forest habitats.

Without changes in state policy, development will continue unchecked in areas of the state critically important as bird and wildlife habitat.

Land and Water Conservation Fund permanently reauthorized & Rhode Island's Wood-Pawcatuck River designated as part of the Wild and Scenic River System.

So, what's the plan? An editorial piece by Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr.

Please join the Environment Council of Rhode Island at a rally and press conference to urge the General Assembly and the state government to take action on climate change.

The bill would prevent hundreds of our most popular and life-changing programs from happening at local schools and with scout groups. It will also have a significant impact on Raptor Weekend, New England’s largest raptor festival and Audubon’s largest public program.

Assessment of climate response in Rhode Island

The Coalition for a Cooler Rhode Island (CACRI) completed an assessment of Rhode Island’s implementation of the Resilient Rhode Island Act. The report finds that the state has not accomplished what was required by the Act and argues that much more urgency must be given to climate response. Click here to access the report.​​​​​​​

See how your state representative and senator performed in 2017 and 2018 using ECRI's latest Green Report Card. Once you review their grade, contact them with thanks or encourage them to be more environmentally responsible, using our instructions and letter template.

Two major reports were recently issued that confirm the urgency of the climate crisis. They remind us here in the Ocean State of the urgency of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fund projects that enhance the resiliency of our communities.

Audubon and Rhode Island Renewable Energy Siting Stakeholder Committee partners shared concerns and recommendations with government officials on November 2nd, 2018. Read the submitted letter here.

Audubon joined with other partners and submitted comments on the draft regulations for the 2017, “Taxation of Farm Forest and Open Space Land” law.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the Green Economy and Clean Water Bond, which passed statewide with nearly 80% approval. With your continued support we will monitor and advocate for quick distribution of these critical funds to help birds, wildlife and us all.

Annual awards for Educator and Volunteer of the Year were presented as well as the selection of officers and new members for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors and Council of Advisors. A keynote address on the State of the Birds was given by Dr. Charles Clarkson. Major gubernatorial candidates addressed environmental issues.

On November 6, voters in Rhode Island have the opportunity to support a critical investment in land and water protection. Learn about the $47.3 Million Green Economy and Clean Water Bond (Bond #3 on the ballot) and what you can do to help spread the word!

An editorial by Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr, on the diversity in background, skills and talents amongst people who care deeply about the environment. We can all appreciate the natural world and commit to its protection - even if we do not know all the names.

Featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Charles Clarkson, coordinator of the Rhode Island Breeding Bird Atlas as well as three major candidates running in the November election for RI Governor.

Audubon’s policy department collaborates with many partners across the state to track environmental issues and develop successful advocacy strategies. Rhode Island’s environmental community works exceptionally well together, recognizing the power of many voices working together as one. An Editorial from the Spring 2018 Report by Meg Kerr, Audubon Senior Director of Policy

Audubon Celebrates National Pollinator Week by hosting a Bee Rally in the State House and lighting up the dome in black and yellow. That big striped State House Dome will “bee” hard to miss in June!

The first batch of prototype 'Nature at Work’ pollinator habitat road signs have been printed! Through her seat on the Pollinator Working Group, Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr has worked with the RI DOT to create these signs which will be displayed amongst pollinator-friendly plants along Rhode Island roads.

Audubon Celebrates National Pollinator Week by hosting a Bee Rally in the State House and lighting up the dome in black and yellow. That big striped State House Dome will “bee” hard to miss in June!

Smart renewable energy siting will allow Rhode Islander's to protect their natural resources for generations to come. Via the Providence Journal.

Please join Audubon at the Environment Council of Rhode Island’s (ECRI) Earth Day at the State House on Wednesday, April 25 at 3:15 PM in the State Room

It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Audubon's Former Executive Director Alfred L. Hawkes. Al passed away on Thursday, March 15, 2018. He served as Audubon Society of Rhode Island Executive Director from 1958 to 1993 and guided Audubon through its most critical growth period. Hawkes was recognized as a strong, statewide leader for shaping early environmental action and consciousness in the state.

The 2018 legislature session is back in session. It is easy to think that advocacy ends when a good bill passes. But many times, passage of bills means that our work is just beginning. Editorial by Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy

Environment Council of Rhode Island is hosting a press conference to showcase the broad opposition to this plan. Speakers include Governor Raimondo, Senator Dawn Euer, Representative Lauren Carson, President of the Rhode Island Commercial Fisherman’s Association Chris Brown and Vice President and Director of Conservation Law Foundation of Rhode Island Amy Moses. If weather permits, we encourage attendees to march from the State House to BOEM's public meeting.

An editorial by Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy. Audubon’s 2017 legislative year was very successful, setting the stage for important work
this fall and winter.

Managing Atlantic Menhaden- an op-ed published by Providence Journal. Audubon Society of Rhode Island Executive Director Larry Taft, Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association President Steve Medeiros, and Save The Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone unite, calling on Rhode Islanders to get involved in this national issue.

R.I.’s Environmental Big Three United Against Power Plant - ecoRI News

Part Three of the Audubon Report 2017 Series on Climate Change by Todd McLeish

This is a historic accomplishment for Rhode Island. We were the first state to adopt high level green building standards through the original Green Building Act back in 2009. Rhode Island has taken these high standards one step further with these amendments by implementing LEED for Neighborhood Development and SITES standards as public policy and law.

An editorial by Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr on greening your personal lifestyle. Taken from the Audubon Summer 2017 Report Issue.

Audubon has long supported green, nature-based solutions to reduce stormwater runoff. Learn about Rhode Island's past, present and future efforts to improve water quality in the State.

This August, we celebrate National Water Quality Month. How can you have an impact on water quality? We’ve got some ideas for the role you play in making a difference.

Download, view and share our infographic on climate change. What causes climate change? What are the results? What can you do?

Audubon’s Kingston Wildlife Research Station Records Bird Population and Migration Data. An article By Hugh Markey from Audubon's Winter 2017 Report, supporting the Audubon 2017 Report series on climate change.

A letter from Lawrence Taft, Executive Director of Audubon.

Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy, invites you to learn about Audubon's current advocacy initiatives.

Part One of the Audubon 2017 Report Series on Climate Change by Todd McLeish.

The Energize Rhode Island Coalition, along with Senator Jeanine Calkin and Representative Aaron Regunberg, invites the public to join them as they introduce the Energize Rhode Island Act of 2017 at a press conference on Thursday, February 2, 2017 from 3pm to 4pm.

Audubon Supports Open Space Protection Bill. Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy for Audubon, and the Rhode Island Land Trust Council testified for open space protection on January 18, 2017.

In honor of America Recycles Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is releasing significant findings on the economic benefits of the recycling industry with an update to the national Recycling Economic Information (REI) Study.

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