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Audubon Staff participates in the 2019 Providence Climate March

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Where Advocacy Takes Flight

Audubon Society of Rhode Island knows our strength is our 17,000 members. We believe that you know your community’s connection to birding and nature better than anyone. As part of our ongoing efforts to advocate on our priorities, we’d like to engage you in new and exciting ways and work together to accomplish our mission.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

Audubon Society of Rhode Island wants to hear from you! If there’s an issue you think we should know about, just fill out the form below. We’ll respond in 24-48 hours to let you know how and if we can get involved to help.

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Coming Soon: Giving You the Tools You Need to Be An Effective Advocate

Audubon Society of Rhode Island is pleased to share a number of toolkits that you can use and share to guide you on how you can plug into the legislative process and organize in your community. Please see below for the options that will be coming soon.

  • Green Bond Advocacy

    Includes specifics on how you get can involved in advocating for vital funding provided by the state legislature. Includes information both on the legislative process and electoral process to support the Green Bond.

  • How to Organize in Your Community

    Includes how to host and recruit for an organizing meeting, engage your community members in next steps, and involve Audubon Society of Rhode Island in your efforts.

  • Testifying 101

    Includes guides on how to testify in person and in writing in front of state and local elected officials. Includes templates and examples to help get you going.

  • Nature Storytelling

    Teaches you how to tap into your story of how and why nature is so important to you. Helpful when meeting with legislators, providing testimony, and engaging with other local advocates.

  • Lobbying Your Legislators

    Teaches you how to set up a meeting with your legislator. Includes the best approach to gaining their support for your concerns, what to listen for, and how to get in touch with the Audubon Society of Rhode Island so we can support you in your efforts.