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Published January 7, 2020

Camilla Ledezma: Fall 2020 Communications Intern

After a few months working with Audubon, Camilla feels beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to get to know the Audubon Society of Rhode Island not only as the green spaces she visited as a child, but as a community of wonderful staff, all working to harness people's love of nature to improve their lives and those of future generations. 

Camilla would love to stay connected with the Audubon community as she continues her studies in the spring. If you'd like to reach out to her, she encourages you to email her at

A note of appreciation from Paige Therien, Audubon Development and Communications Associate

Audubon announced our five-year strategic plan in the fall of 2020, and Camilla was a welcomed addition to our team at this time. She offered me fresh perspectives on how to implement the plan into my communications work here at Audubon, especially regarding environmental justice issues. Her unbounded passion and curiosity were also refreshing during such a tough year. 

I’m looking forward to continuing the work that she began. This includes working more with our local indigenous community and the recruitment of a future intern to help digitize and share online the Audubon Archive of bird and mammal mounts/skins, eggs, and nests, as well as geology collections, old rifles, and other specimens. Camilla did a beautiful job creating our annual meeting video (watch it on our website or YouTube channel!); gathering photos and video testimonies from teachers, visitors to Audubon Wildlife Refuges and other Audubon supporters; and learning how to use our email marketing system to create an email campaign. 

Good luck to Camilla in your future endeavors!  

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