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Published February 9, 2021

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Each year people from around the world come together to watch, learn about, count, and celebrate birds during the Great Backyard Bird Count. This year's count is Friday, February 12 - Monday, February 15, 2021.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island naturalists and educators will be participating in the count at the Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium in Bristol, RI. Follow along on social media as we post our findings each day, or simply check back here for the link to our eBird lists. Our counts will take place in the morning and afternoon and last for at least 15 minutes, per the Great Backyard Bird Count rules. If you happen to visit the Center as we're heading out for a count, you are more than welcome to join us!

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From the start, the decline in the bird population (revealed from multiple international studies) was a given. From there, the Audubon initiative was launched as a fact-finding mission, to go in and find out more about how the Audubon Society of Rhode Island could help species in decline.

Lawns are ecological deserts, creating a monoculture with little to no food for wildlife. Every garden is an opportunity for us to rethink our manicured yards and consider restoring habitat for native plants and wildlife. But where to begin?

Did you know the Endangered Species Act is 50 years old in 2023? Bald Eagles are one local species that have benefitted from the act. Part of the Newport This Week Nature in the Neighborhood series and written by Audubon Senior Director of Education Lauren Parmelee.