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Published November 4, 2022

Providence Stormwater Innovation Center Receives $183,948 in EPA Funding Towards Green Infrastructure

On Friday, November 4, recipients of the Restore America's Estuaries SNEP Watershed Implementation Grants celebrated the funding of projects focused on coastal resiliency, watershed health, and ecosystem restoration at a ceremony in the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center.

We are happy to announce that the Providence Stormwater Innovation Center has received full funding for an exciting project that will commence in the spring of 2023! This project builds on the work that the Innovation Center has been doing monitoring and assessing green infrastructure in Roger Williams Park and around Rhode Island over the past 3 years. Once the installation of a stormwater management project is complete, the work is not done. Monitoring the effectiveness, and making changes when necessary, is critical to the long-term success of all green infrastructure.

Our project with Restore Americas Estuaries will explore new monitoring methods that engage the public to participate and help steward green infrastructure in their community. We will develop a web- based application and train participatory scientists to perform visual inspections of stormwater installations, and share results via an online dashboard. Stipends will be offered to community monitors. Improvements will be made to three existing stormwater installations in Roger Williams Park, and lessons learned will be shared through a training hosted by the Providence Stormwater Innovation Center.

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