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October 4, 2019

Looking for our Red-tailed Hawks, Finn and Atlanta at the Nature Center and Aquarium? Don't worry, they are still with the Audubon Society of Rhode Island! After three years of being on public display, we are now letting our Ravens take the stage. You can still see these beautiful hawks at one of our many Audubon raptor programs offered throughout the year.

Our Common Ravens Zach and Lucy are now living in the display cage behind the Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium in Bristol, RI. Zach and Lucy are very social birds and love to see people. Visit them soon!

This move took place on Wednesday, September 25th and all the birds seem very content in their new homes.

Please stop by to see Zach and Lucy and be sure on the lookout for Finn and Atlanta at an upcoming Audubon program.

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Audubon offers a dozen evening programs this summer – opportunities to seek out those mysterious noises with expert guides who not only know the winding trails by heart but can share their vast knowledge of natural history with visitors. Whether it is a family walk in search of fireflies, an evening hike under a full moon, or an excursion to observe the acrobatic skills of bats, the more you learn about what you see and hear, the more amazed you will be at the happenings in nature.

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The Audubon Society of Rhode Island has been instrumental in protecting these species through direct action as well as by saving habitat that supports them. In honor of Endangered Species Day (May 19, 2023), learn more about this landmark piece of legislation!