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The Palmieri Pollinator Garden

Why are native plants so important?
Native plants are indigenous to the region. They evolved to thrive within the climate history of the area and have a delicately intertwined relationship with local pollinators. They are plants with a rich genetic history to pull from in the face of climate change. If carefully selected for the space, native plants require less watering and maintenance once established over traditional garden plants. Go wild!

Learn How to Create Pollinator Habitat

There are many ways you can support pollinator populations. Learn about simple actions you can take around your property to create healthier pollinator habitat and access our guide on how to create a pollinator garden, including which native plants to use. View our Guide

Join Audubon for walks and talks on plants and pollinators by checking out our calendar of upcoming programs! View the Events Calendar


“Native plants and animals are what create the ecosystem services we all require. They generate our oxygen, clean our water, and delay its journey to the salty sea. They sequester carbon that would otherwise wreak even more havoc with our climate.”

– Doug Tallamy, Entomologist