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Advocacy at Audubon

Audubon Society of Rhode Island promotes public policies that protect birds, wildlife and natural resources. Audubon conducts grassroots and direct advocacy to ensure that state and local policies and initiatives protect habitats and natural resources. Audubon organizes people into campaigns and coalitions to build a strong and respected environmental movement in Rhode Island and to increase the environmental literacy of elected officials and policy makers.

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In this role she will work to initiate and advance legislation and policies at the state and local level to protect birds, wildlife, and Rhode Island’s environment. Read more about Priscilla - and be sure to give her a warm welcome when you see her!

A mysterious illness has infected songbirds in areas of the Eastern United States with symptoms of swollen and crusted eyes, lethargy, and neurological issues. Even though the disease has not been reported in Rhode Island, Audubon is monitoring the issue and making recommendations that might help keep the disease at bay if it enters New England.

Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr heads for retirement in June after three decades of environmental leadership in Rhode Island.

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