Renewable Energy

Climate change demands a transformation to clean, renewable energy. In Rhode Island’s future, wind and solar will be dominant sources of electricity. These renewable technologies provide emissions-free electricity, support energy independence, and bolster the local economy. However, like any transition, difficulties will be incurred. Forests and open spaces need to be protected from unfettered solar development. Fisheries need to remain unobstructed by offshore wind. Audubon knows this transformation is critical, but believes thoughtful choices are necessary to ensure a lasting benefit to Rhode Island’s environment.

Latest Developments

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Audubon joined with other partners and submitted comments on the draft regulations for the 2017, “Taxation of Farm Forest and Open Space Land” law.

Smart renewable energy siting will allow Rhode Islander's to protect their natural resources for generations to come. Via the Providence Journal.

Please join Audubon at the Environment Council of Rhode Island’s (ECRI) Earth Day at the State House on Wednesday, April 25 at 3:15 PM in the State Room

The 2018 legislature session is back in session. It is easy to think that advocacy ends when a good bill passes. But many times, passage of bills means that our work is just beginning. Editorial by Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy