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Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Summer nature camps, Children, Kids, Things to Do, Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, Seekonk, Massachusetts. Summer Camp at Caratunk: A Time Honored Tradition

 Image by Glenn Osmundson 

August 16, 2019 

Summer Camp at Caratunk

A Time Honored Tradition

The excited voices of children making discoveries around Muskrat Pond is a sure sign that summer camp season is in full swing at the Caratunk Wildlife Refuge. Clothing spotted with droplets of pond water and dip nets containing newly-captured tadpoles, frogs or crayfish means the daily field trip was another success.

“I was an environmental education major, so I’ve always had an interest in birds and nature, and I like the idea of educating the public about the environment,” he said. 

Caratunk’s camps follow age-based themes – focusing on fledglings for the youngest children who attend for half days, up to naturalists-in-training as teens. In between there are camps about birds, nature art, animal homes, wildlife metamorphosis, who’s eating who, wilderness skills and more.

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