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  1. Can I keep my current RI License plate number?

    Yes. When you switch to the Osprey license plate, your current number is transferred to the new plate.

  2. What if I currently have a 6-digit plate?

    Because of the Osprey license plate artwork, we are restricted to no more than 5 letters or numbers on the plate. In order to qualify for a Osprey license plate, you must obtain a 5 digit or less registration from the RI DMV. They have recently updated their available registration list - getting a plate that fulfills the requirement for 5 digits or less is possible.

  3. Can I get whatever number I want?

    We can only issue plates that are currently active. As an organization, Audubon cannot grant anyone different plate numbers. Only the DMV can do that.

  4. If I have an Osprey license plate and it’s gotten damaged, can I get the plates replaced?

    Yes! We understand that license plates can get pretty banged up over the years. You’ll have to once again submit a completed application and return it with your payment as well as a copy of your registration, just like you did when you first ordered your plate set.

  5. How much is the Osprey license plate and where does the money go?

    The plate fee is $42.50: $22.50 pays for the production of the plates, $20 supports the environmental education programs of Audubon Society of Rhode Island and Save The Bay. We charge a $1.45 online payment processing fee, if you'd like to avoid this fee you may order by mail.

  6. Do I get charged every year for the new plate?

    A $10 fee will be added upon renewal of your registration to continue your support of environmental education. You will also need to pay your registration fee every two years to the DMV.

  7. When can I expect to receive my plate?

    It could take between 6 to 12 weeks to get your plates. There are several factors involved with this timetable including when the ACI print shop schedules the Osprey plates to be made, when the DMV sends the order to the ACI, and when in the cycle we receive your order. We are now on a monthly schedule with the DMV and each month collect orders for the plate. At the beginning of the next month we send the new orders to the DMV and they then schedule the printing of that order with the ACI. Once your order is complete you’ll be hearing from the DMV about when you can pick up your plates.Look for a green postcard from the DMV in your mailbox.

  8. How long will you be issuing Ospry plates?

    We have been issuing the Osprey license plate since 2008. So far, the it has been quite successful. We have no reason to believe the State nor the DMV would stop us from selling them and we’ll continue to do so.

  9. I have a Suburban plate, do I qualify?

    Unfortunately, we can only issue Osprey plates to Private Passenger registrants. Commercial, combo and other specialty plates cannot have the Osprey plate. Please note that this does not include vanity plates – those are perfectly eligible as long as they have 5 or fewer digits. If you are not sure what type of registration you have, look at your registration card. The top center of the card should say ‘PrivatePass.’

  10. Do I have to live in Rhode Island to get an Osprey license plate?

    You must already have a Rhode Island registered car in order to get a plate.

  11. I collect old license plates, can I keep my old ones?

    No, by Rhode Island law, in order to receive your new Osprey license plates, the DMV must be presented the two plates that are currently on your car. If you only have one plate to turn over to the DMV when you are picking up the Osprey license plate, in lieu of the plate you must have a police report for a stolen or missing plate.

  12. Do I have to pick my plates up at the DMV?

    Your new Osprey license plates must be picked up at the DMV. At the present time they are only distributing them at the headquarters office located at 600 New London Ave in Cranston. The DMV will notify you when your plates are ready to be picked up, and please do not go to the DMV until you get the notification from them. When you go there, go to the Plate Department on the first floor to get your plates. You will not have to wait in the main line, nor do you have to get a ticket to get your plates at the Plate Department, but you must have your old plates with you to exchange them for the new Osprey ones.

  13. I’d like to get a vanity plate. Can you help me with this?

    Our role is to simply replace your existing plate with our artwork. If you’d like to change your current registration you must contact the DMV directly. Once you change your existing registration to the one you desire, then you can order an Osprey plate provided that new plate is 5 digits or less.

  14. My registration expires in July every other year. If I get the plate in June, do I have to register the car again in July?

    Think of buying the Osprey license plate as simply replacing the look of your current one. We have nothing to do with the registration of your car, and if you get a new Osprey plate in June it will come with a sticker that has the July expiration sticker on it. You will have to pay for the new registration extension for the next two years as yours expires. Whatever the expiration date sticker which is currently on your plate will still be the expiration date of your car.

  15. Can I keep my "vanity" plate numbers/letters?

    Yes, but only if your plate has five digits/numbers or less. Simply enter your current plate number/letters on the registration form and they will be applied to the new plate.

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