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Equity and Inclusion Statement 

The mission of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island is to protect birds, wildlife, and their habitats through conservation, education and advocacy, for the benefit of all people and all other life.

We acknowledge the history and perpetuation of inequity in our nation’s and state’s environmental practices that serve as barriers to fulfilling our mission. It is imperative that we address, dismantle, and reconstruct our practices and policies so that all can feel welcome and safe to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the natural world while in Audubon spaces, as well as in the larger Rhode Island environmental community in which our organization has influence.

We envision a future where all people are included and empowered to enjoy and protect birds, wildlife, and their habitats. 

We commit to a continued process of investigating the impact of our policies and practices and improving them to increase equity and access to nature. 

Some examples include:

  • Implementing inclusive hiring practices 
  • Centering marginalized voices to inform our community engagement and development strategies
  • Making all of our locations and our outdoor spaces more accessible
  • Offering programs to, and partnering with, communities who have traditionally been excluded and who bear the burden of environmental injustices and climate change impacts