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Audubon Society of Rhode Island Eagle Eye Advocacy Update Environmental News Call to Action Smith Hill

January 2020

The monthly Audubon Eagle Eye Advocacy Updates will provide you with simple actions you can take to help foster a cleaner, healthier planet along with local and national environmental news. Advocacy to protect birds and wildlife is a top Audubon priority and this work goes beyond testifying on their behalf on Smith Hill. Year round, we are working with our community partners and Rhode Island leaders to ensure the environment is a priority. These updates will keep you informed and ready to take action when the legislative session is upon us. As the newsletter continues, we are very interested in your suggestions and questions. Please send them to Audubon Senior Director of Policy Meg Kerr at

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 Action  You Can Take This Month

If you have a live Christmas tree, consider making use of it when you take it down.

Rhode Island Legislation

Rhode Island’s legislators return to work in January. In preparation for the session, Audubon’s board has outlined the following priority issues:

Ideas From our Readers

PFAS movies: “Dark Waters” and “The Devil We Know”

Last month’s Eagle Eye shared information on PFAS, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, the new set of toxic chemicals that are showing up everywhere in the environment. Learn more about them here.

If you would like to learn more about these chemicals, you might want to catch the new movie, Dark Waters, which tells the story of the lawyer who worked for 16 years to hold DuPont accountable for their abuse of PFOA (a PFAS chemical). It is playing in Rhode Island in January.

The documentary, The Devil We Know, detailing DuPont’s cover-up of the danger of PFAS chemicals, is also available from Netflix.

Climate Change

Rhode Island has a new dashboard to track progress made toward state goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adding green jobs and electric vehicles, protecting land, creating resilient communities, and increasing renewable energy.

Access the dashboard here!

National Issues

Previous Issues of The Audubon Eagle Eye

In this issue: 2020 Legislative Coffee Hour, Action You Can Take This Month, Rhode Island Legislation, Ideas from our Readers, PFAS movies, Climate Change in Rhode Island, National Issues. To stay informed and take action with Audubon, sign up to recieve the Eagle Eye in your email inbox.

In this issue: PFAS movie: Dark Waters, climate change – National Wildlife Federation’s Unnatural Disasters story map, national issues: preparing for floods, action you can take this month and ideas from our readers.
To stay informed and take action with Audubon, sign up to recieve the Eagle Eye in your email inbox.

In this issue: Climate Change Resiliency Planning in Rhode Island, Issue of Local Concern: PFAS, National Issues:
Electric Cars, Action You Can Take This Month and Ideas From our Readers. To stay informed and take action with Audubon, sign up to recieve the Eagle Eye in your email inbox.

Latest Audubon News & Events

The Fight to Ban Plastic Bags, Straws and Balloon Releases | By Todd McLeish

On January 29th we are doing something a little different: heading to sea on the Block Island Ferry! Some of the great birds being seen recently on the ferry are Thick-billed Murre, Dovekie, Black Gillemont and Razorbills. We will leave from Galilee in Narragansett on the 11:30 am ferry and return on the 1:30 pm ferry. Pack a lunch, wear lots of warm clothing and join us! The ferry tickets are $23.75, or 22.75 for seniors. Please give yourself enough time to park and purchase tickets.

Rescheduled due to weather! New date: Saturday, December 28th, 2019 at 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Join Audubon’s Lisa Maloney and Tracey Hall for a FREE GUIDED BIRD WALK through Collier Point Park in Providence. We will be looking and listening for migrating waterfowl! There is a parking lot circling the park where we will meet. Binoculars and field guides will be available. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy walking shoes.

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